Crime Watch Area

Our physical patrol area is loosely termed Milnerton Proper.In terms of boundaries, we cover the area between Koeberg Road and the sea, Racecourse and Boundary Roads in Milnerton, Sector 3, Cape Town.

Crime Watch has operated in this area since 1998. Despite many requests to extend our area to cover more of Milnerton, our trust deed has been made fixed that these boundaries cannot be changed. The reason for this is that we're owned, run and managed largely by community volunteers living in the Milnerton Proper area. 

They handle all of the administration and bookkeeping functions, as well as actively participating in keeping the project on the go for the improvement of their own community.We couldn't expect these volunteers to extend their already onerous time commitment to cover other areas. Having said this, we are always willing to assist neighbouring areas with advice and guidance on how to get their OWN CrimeWatch on the go using their own community. 

One of the cornerstones of the concept is community participation, without it the project would not be as successful as it is.Should you wish to start a Crime Watch in a neighbouring area to improve your safety and security we would be open to assisting where we can and can be contacted via our contacts page.Milnerton Crime Watch is a supporter of the Milnerton CPF.